About Claudia Groll

As a young girl Ms. Groll’s passions for colors and textures were the beginning of a new conversation. She discovered right away that she could communicate better through her hands than with words. Her career in dental school taught her a precise manual dexterity which later translated to her natural ability to feel the canvas as her sole medium. Giving her patients a sought-after bight smile again was accomplished as rarely seen with utomost professional care. Yet being a physician was not enough.

Her award-winning art has a unique voice. Each pioece will captivate the audience and allow them to bond and weave their own story. Most viewers are drawin in and begin to identify with a particular past personal experience which weaves itself from the deepths of the images. Ms. Groll strives to create that special connection with each of her soulful pieces.

As a mere beginner her art takes off in the naif style and she allows other styles to emerge. Textures play a huge role in her pieces alluring the viewer further to feel that interpersonal connection. Claudia’s need to tell her true stories though her pieces brought out her realism style which provided a way of self-expression and further evoked the dialogue. Still this was not yet quite the way her art needed to reach hout. Ms. Groll began infusing her own personal belingings in her canvases. Utilizing fabrics that had once been in touch with her own skin was a way to give further of herself, her smell her very soul. Be it through the use of her own worn jeans to the use of the fabric that once hung as her drapes or torn leather pieces from her jackets applied onto the canvas and all casting a magic spell weaving that personal connection between the viewer and the artist soul.

Her move to Miami awoke in Claudia a unique connection with the Sea. The deep hues of the ocean water speak to her as music. The lulling sounds of the waves at the beach are brought to life as one stares into the depths of her bouat waterspaces experiencing her rustic Bohemian roots mixing in both texture and color.

Yet a new experience as her teaching art studio has opened an extensive canvas of possibilities for Claudia to see and explore herself. Her passion for art is a natural way to imprint her legacy. Through the non-verbal cues between teacher and students her knowledge nurtures the quest for bettering oneself and thirst for learning. The energy in the studio is such a positive influence for both the master and her students who further develop their talents while engaging soul, mind and spirit.

Claudia’s art language has evolved from the deep roots of Artentina’s vast landscape of La Pampa to her newfound inner light which is seen in her use of aluminum sheets as canvas. This new, ethereal luminous medium brings a whole new dimension to her self expression. This new media bridges both past and future while maintaining the warmth and integrity of her rustic roots.